kapitánské kurzy

We organize courses for obtaining Croatian captain's license "Voditelj brodice B" or Czech captain's license "Vůdce malého plavidla (VMP)."

Standard captain course is as follows:
After paying the deposit, you will receive educational material indicating items that need to be learned before coming to Tisno.
Day 1 - Arrival, accommodation, free activities
Day 2 - 1/2 day of theoretical training and 1/2 day of practical training on the boat
Day 3 - theoretical and practical training in proportions to individual requirements of clients
4th day - morning exams at the Harbor Master, after successful completion possibility to ride the boat individually for the rest of the day, evening refueling and handing the boat (if you will not pay for more days, see below)
Day 5 - handover of the apartment, free program, departure

If you would like to stay longer, it is possible to pay extra for the boat and accommodation according to your requirements with a discount of 10% off list prices.

For owners of the captain's licenses who do not have enough experience, we offer training rides on a motorboat, a water scooter or a sailboat according to individual requirements, or practice rides to refresh theoretical or practical knowledge for operating the craft.

Prices of the captain’s license courses